COVID-19: As Telangana Positivity Rate Climbs, What’s the Government Doing?


Yesterday, a video did rounds on social media which showed a government COVID-19 hospital inundated with rainwater in Hyderabad. After this, the opposition party attacked the K. Chandrashekar Rao government in a tweet.

Telangana also has the highest positivity rate of the infection in the country. High positivity rate is usually indicative of high infection within a community and low testing rates. Telangana does have the second-lowest testing in the country.

Reportedly, on June 26, the Telangana government also stopped testing people citing capacity constraints but testing has since resumed. The government has however been accused of not sharing information on the containment zones in the state.

The Wire‘s Amrit describes the situation on the ground to Pawanjot Kaur in this podcast on the Telangana government’s response to the pandemic.



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